What you need to know before installing CCTV cameras?

What you need to know before installing CCTV cameras for your home

Biggest Mistakes that Home owners and Business owners Make in terms of selecting your CCTV system and how to avoid them

1. How to choose a CCTV system

This depends on whether you decide to have the CCTV system professionally installed or you do it your self (DIY). Latest technology has made CCTV installation very simple and fun. However, if you are expecting to see a clear image with professional wiring, then you should always refer to professionals.

The common problems with DIY CCTV systems:

I can’t see a clear image –

“Most of the DIY systems are D1 recording, what this means is that they are no where close to HD video quality.”

In general, DIY system gives a decent quality image, but you can not expect that to be any where close to a full HD TV. If that is the case, you need better cameras and better recorders or widely known as DVR’s. 960H DVR’s and cameras can give you at least close to half HD, again there are other factors involved, for example mother board of the CCTV camera, technology used in chip, lens and so on.

2. I don’t know how to run cables –

If you are relatively new to wiring, it is not going to be easy for you to do proper wiring. Running wires and hiding them neatly is an art. Most of us make the mistake of under estimating the cost and time involved in running wires.

If you are a rather busy person, I reckon you leave this part with an experienced cable puller.

3. Should I use IP or normal analogue cameras?

What is an IP camera?

Most common question about IP cameras is what is an IP camera? IP cameras are also known as digital cameras. They send video footage as data, where else analogue cameras sent video footage as signals or charge.

IP cameras are commonly known for higher resolution. Many IP cameras in the current market can stream video footage at 720p resolution.

As much as you have many good points about IP cameras, you also have to consider the disadvantages.

The biggest problem with IP cameras is you should be familiar with basic computer networking. If not, you are going to find difficulties in may be not installing but in trouble shooting.

4. What is a PTZ camera and do I need it?

PTZ camera uses a motor to pan, tilt and zoom. You can control the camera via a joy stick or mobile phone. But these cameras are relatively expensive than normal cameras, therefore you should think twice before buying one. Also, this can lead to data privacy issues, if it is not used properly.

5. What is remote viewing or setting and why should I have it?

You can view your CCTV cameras, control and backup remotely. If you go on a holiday, you can use your smart phone to access your CCTV camera and keep an eye on your property. This is a very useful option to have, however you should have an internet connection and most probably need a smart phone.

Most of the current CCTV systems offer this function.

I wish you all the best with your new CCTV system! Find us on youtube, facebook and twitter!

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