IP CCTV Installation In London

IP CCTV Designing and Installation

We provide bespoken IP security solution for small and medium size companies. Our engineers have decades of experience in designing and installing IP CCTV systems. There are many reasons for you to upgrade your CCTV system to an IP based system.

Cost Effective

In the long run IP CCTV system can give significant cost savings. As it can use your existing network cables to run video footage, you will not necessarily require dedicated cables.

HD Quality

High quality video footages are expected from modern day CCTV systems. In analog system CCTV video footages will be converted to digital and stored. In the process of converting analog to digital, quality of the video footage will be reduced. Where else in an IP CCTV system there will be no conversion. Video footages will be taken digital and stored without any conversion.

In an analog system when cables are installed for a long distance, video quality may be affected. In IP based system, video quality will remain the same even after a long distance cable run.

Remote Monitoring

Video can be monitored remotely without any additional device. No need to install a digital video recorder or network recorder to monitor the system from a remote location. Each cameras will be assigned to an IP address which will allow different users to access the cameras. Each users can be assigned with different access privileges.

Easy integration with other security systems

Network protocols used in IP cameras are open protocols. Any net workable device can be integrated to an IP-camera. This make it very desirable option for companies looking to upgrade their system in near future. IP cameras can be easily connected to devices such as ATM, POS machines, network servers and etc.

Many small  businesses have started upgrading their CCTV system to IP.

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