Fire Alarm Installation in London

We provide comprehensive fire safety management solutions for residential premises, commercial buildings and retail outlets. Our experienced engineers will ensure optimum safety for you or your occupants. Here at Cube CCTV, we design and deliver high quality fire alarms systems.

The fire engineers who work for us are highly trained and experienced in designing and installing fire alarm systems. No job is big or small for us, please call us on 020 8320 1445 to find more about our fire alarm installation in London and Greater London.

Wireless Fire Alarm

Wireless fire alarm system is designed for places where it is not possible to run cables. Places such as construction sites or temporary venues, where it is difficult or not possible to run fire alarm cables.

Wireless fire alarm system uses radio frequency to send signals to different components in fire alarm system. All our wireless fire panels are approved my many insurances companies and compliance to British standards.

Address fire alarm system

Every single detectors and other devices connected to the fire alarm system has it unique address. In the event of fire, panel will know exactly which device triggered the fire alert. This will help to find the exact location.

Addressable fire alarm panels are generally expensive than conventional, however it requires less labour hours in comparison with conventional fire alarm systems.

Conventional fire alarm system

With a conventional fire alarm system building, it is divided into zones. Once a detector triggers, it will notify the panel with zone number.

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