IP CCTV Systems for Business

When customers demand for the highest quality images, storage and performance, IP based CCTV systems can be the best solution. IP based system uses higher digital resolution, it starts from 720p, 1080p, 1.3mp, 5mp, 11mp and some cameras can give up to 16mp. Since there is an increase in using software’s for CCTV system such as analytical, remote viewing, remote access and integration between other security devices, many CCTV installation companies have started using IP CCTV cameras.

Most of the IP based security systems use open architecture and allows them to integrate to other security devices easily. Some of the common IP camera manufacturers are Acti, Arecont, Axis, Mobotix, Pelco, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, Sightlogix, VideoIQ, Avigilon and Sony.

Advantages of using IP camera

Easy to install – since IP cameras use CAT5  cable, it is easy to install them. Where else in traditional cameras, installers had to run separate coax cables for each cameras.

Higher resolution –  Analog cameras give maximum of D1 recording, which is 720 x 576, where lease lower end of IP cameras can give 720p, which is 1280 x 720 and modern day IP cameras give at least 1080p  full HD resolution.

Better user management – As most IP cameras use open architecture, they can be easily integrated to a software program for better management of video footage.

Easy integration with other security devices – IP system is easy to integrate to other security devices such as access control, intruder alarm, fire alarm and door entry systems.

Most secure way of transmitting video footages – IP cameras use CAT5 cable to transmit video footages, it can be easily encrypted for data security.

Remote storage –  By using a server, all video footages can be stored via LAN or WAN. This makes it easy to have remote storage or off side storage.

What is data analytic in CCTV?

Once a video footage is recorded, it can then be analysed for various reasons. For example air port security management, unattended item can be seen as a thread. By setting the correct parameters, any unattended item can be traced and an immediate alert can be issued.

In a petrol station, it is quite important to know the car number plates. When there is a query, data analytical software’s can show all cars entered at a specific time and their number plates. New avigilon data management system allows you to create a virtual boundary in your field of screen. For example, you want to know everyone who accessed a bike storage place. All you have to do now is to draw a boundary line, as soon as someone crossed that line, the system will record it as an event, later by using the data analytical algorithm you can check all information about a specific event.

There are many advantages in using an analytical software in a CCTV application. Manufacturers such as Axis, Geovision, Pelco provides such features to their customers.

Reducing energy consumption with latest access control systems.

According to the latest research conducted by ASSA ALOY many security managers are concern about reducing their energy bills and also providing the best security solution to their companies. At a time when energy bills are rocketed by almost 50%, it make all senses for companies to adopt energy efficiency security products.

Well understood security product manufacturers are competing to offer the best energy efficient security products. Aperico is one of the largest and fastest growing access control equipment manufacturer, their latest addition is battery powered locks and cylinders that can also be controlled via online and off-line integration.

As more and more businesses switching to wireless technology, Aperico offers wider range of battery operated locks and cylinders that can be easily integrated to existing access control system. As far as access control installers are concern less labour hours are required to install and tidy and neat installation.

Access control system management

Flexible access control management is a key to a successful access control system. When it comes to managing an access control system of a small and medium size companies, one standard control for all does not fit all organisation. In most cases, users may have given at least four level of access rights to different user groups. For example, cleaner will have different access rights compared to a manager or member of a private club.

Stand alone access control stations are cheap in price also provide you with high level of access control setting, however it will have some major challenges like data duplication, poor data management, time consuming, poor security management, not easy to expand or integrate to a different system and so on.

By installing a centrally monitored access control system, user can have a better management of the whole operation. SmartTair offers one solution for all your wired and wireless access control devices.

We design and install leading access control systems, please call us to on 02083201445 to find more about our products and services.

IP fish eye camera with 360 degree

Many of us may have heard of fish eye cameras and may wonder what fish eye camera’s are all about. Fish eye lens is an ultra wider lens that gives wide panoramic image. This camera can give you wider view almost 8x wider then an ordinary camera. This significantly reduces the time needed to install extra cameras and cost can be reduced by just installing one camera. This type of camera are extremely popular in places like open warehouses, shopping malls, airports and public places.

Some of the fish eye cameras come as IP cameras. It can give high resolution video footage and capable of zooming into one part of the field of view.

When buying a fish eye camera extra care should be taken to find out whether it is suitable for your CCTV application. IP outdoor rated fish eye cameras are very popular in the market for it is easy installation and durability. Buying a POE or power over Ethernet cameras significantly reduces the time taken to install a fish eye camera and tidy installation. Vivotek true day/night camera feature with IR-cut filters and IP 66 rated housing, they are very popular among outdoor application.

If you are not sure about what type of camera to install, please call our experts on 02083201445. We offer free initial CCTV installation consultancy and we offer professional CCTV installation service.

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