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  • What is HD-SDI camera?

High Definition Serial Digital Interlace CCTV cameras. HD-SDI cameras use high pixels to produce video footage, anything more then 1 million pixels is regarded as Mega-Pixel cameras. Devices that work in HD have two common resolutions 720p and 1080p. This refers to the number of pixels in a vertical line, the higher the number the better the quality.

  • Are IP and HD-SDI cameras the same?

No, IP cameras also use higher pixels but IP cameras need to be connected via CAT5 cable. Installing an IP camera means you have to replace the existing DVR and replace all existing Coax cables. However, where HD-SDI cameras are concerned, they can work with the Coax cable and there is no need for expensive cable replacement.

  • Are HD-SDI CCTV cameras better than Analog CCTV cameras?

HD-SDI cameras broadcast digital interfaces using BNC connection, therefore they are digital cameras but using Coax cables. As far as analog cameras are concerned, they use analog signals.

  • Benefits of HD-SDI cameras

Less expensive to install – No need for any new cables

Easy to install – No need for any sophisticated IT setting.

East to maintain – As HD-SDI cameras work similar to analog cameras, it will be easy to maintain them.

No need for NVR or Servers – HD- SDI cameras can work with hybrid HD-SDI DVR’s, this allows us to install analog cameras when required. By doing this, we can keep the cost down.

Better identification – if you need cameras for identification, HD-SDI cameras can work very well.

  • Disadvantages of HD-SDI cameras

Long run is not recommended – As these cameras use digital interface video signal, the signal can drop and you will receive absolutely nothing, where else analog cameras you can still see a blurry image.

Sometimes it can be expensive to buy HD-SDI cameras.

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