Security System Installation London

Security System Installation London

Security System Installation London – At Cube CCTV we take pride in ourselves in providing tailor-made security systems installation to London and Greater London customers. We understand that security is a cornerstone for any organisation, it can be small sole trader or a blue chip company. We believe in delivering the best possible security solution yet at an affordable price, our expertise team is ready to help you in designing the right security system.

We offer an extensive range of security products to suit your security requirement.

Our products and services

CCTV Designing and Installation

We understand that not all of our customers will have the same CCTV requirement that is why we don’t prescribe same CCTV systems to every single customer of us. We also value our customer’s input in designing the required system.

CCTV designing and installation for restaurants and pubs

We are specialized in designing, installing and maintaining CCTV cameras systems for catering industry. We understand your needs, we deliver tailor-made security systems such as CCTV cameras connected to your till system (EPOS). You can not only view through your cameras, you can also view transactions via internet and smart phones.

Our security system sends data to a CCTV camera to be overlaid on a live security camera. Transactions log can be used for a quick video search and analytic purpose.

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Some of our clients


CCTV designing and installation for construction sites

CCTV designing and installation for industrial places, empty units, housing association & off licenses

CCTV designing and installation for healthcare sector

CCTV installation for homes

As a part of a security system installation in london, we offer domestic CCTV systems. Our domestic CCTV system is designed provide powerful security system for your homes at an affordable price. Our security systems can be installed from as little as £600.00 + VAT including materials.

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Intruder Alarm Installation

Wired and wireless intruder alarm installation.

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