Using CCTV Video Balun in CCTV installation

  • CCTV Video Balun

  • Video balun
  • CCTV Video balun allows CCTV installers to use category 5 or CAT5 cables in CCTV installation.

    • Is it better to use CCTV Video Balun?

    If you are running CCTV cables for long distances, it is better to use video balun. As video balun convert unbalanced video signals to balanced video signals, they can travel at least 300metres without any amplifiers or boosters. Where else in traditional coax cable video signals can only travel 60 to 70 meters.

    • Is it right to say that CAT 5 is better than Coax?

    It is easy to say CTA5 is better than Coax. When cable running involves AC currents and other forms of interferences, coax cables serve better. As coax cables are protected by a plastic cable, a metallic shield and a dielectric insulator it serves as a better choice when there are lots of interferences.

    • What needs to be checked before buying a video balun?

    Video baluns come in different types and different prices. It is quite important to make sure you buy the right one. Group loop problem is common in Video Balun. In the long run it can damage the video balun. When buying video balun, make sure you buy one with the least amount of wires exposed.

    • Are there any video balun that can avoid interference?

    Avoiding interference is more to do with what type of cable you run. If you decided to use CAT5, it is quite important to find the correct CAT5, as CAT5 cables are often used in data communication, it is often easy to buy indoor rated CAT5.

    When you buy CAT5 for CCTV installation, make sure you buy the one with a copper shield. Category 5e Shielded Copper Cables are quite good cables to use but cost more than normal CAT5.

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