The UK’s worst burglary hotspot

The UK’s worst burglary hotspot

The UK’s most affected areas by burglary are revealed by an independent insurance company based on the number of insurance claims. Essex and East London which head the insurance claim list and these areas were the highest number of burglaries reported. RM8 postcode in East London reported most number of burglaries with 55 out of every 1,000 insurance claims from this area.

Burglars normally target areas where people have quite busy life styles, where it is not easy to catch them. They also target areas where more money is in, this is why areas such as Newsam and Teddington appear in the list.

While RM8 is getting in popular with burglars, M21 Manchester dropped from first last year to third place. Woodford and South Woodford E18 where burglaries were at record high number and Teddington also came in first 10 positions.

Among the areas where the claim rate was at its lowest, were Dunfries (DG1) and Lochee (DD2), Felixstowe (IP11) and North Wales Town (LL57). The insurance claims from these areas were at a rate of 1.63 per 1,000, which very low compared with East London.

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