What to do if you have been burgled?

What to do if you have been burgled?

What would you do if you had been burgled? The first thing to do is to not panic. There is no use in talking about what has happened or being stressed. Try not to touch anything as this can mislead the police in their investigation. Make a list of items that have been stolen and damaged, you may need them for police reports and later for insurance claims.

If you have lost any of your credit cards, cheque books, debit cards and any other valuable personal details (passport, ID cards) try to cancel them and have new one issued. In most cases burglars use your identity to commit future crimes. Call your insurance company and ask for an insurance claim form.

You may require emergency repairs, inform your landlord, estate agent or try to get hold of any traders who can repair them. Inform your insurance about any emergency repairs that needed to be carried out.

Take future security measurements to prevent any such event.  Should you require professional intruder alarm or CCTV installation? Please call Cube CCTV on 020 8320 1445.

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